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setiap manusia punya keunikan diri sendiri.. jangan lah mengeji diri hanya kerana satu kekurangan yang kecil.. fikirkan beribu kelebihan yang anda ada berbading kelemahan yang sekuman cuma...

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

                                                             Picture Credit : Google images

That is how I feel right now. Hollow. Empty. Lost
All this negativity. It is consuming. Wounding.
But why?
I’m not sure. I just don’t know.
It just felt hollow.

I feel like going for a long sleep.
Where everything will seem fine
Where sky is no limit
I can glide to the deepest mountain
Soar towards the infinite sky
Swim to the deepest ocean
Where there is joy. Happiness. Love.
All the positivity.

What is it that I need? say you.
I need to get away. Leave. Heal.
How? Say you.
Love. Support. Hope.
That will keep any man on earth to keep going. Living.

01st June 2017

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