mutiara kata

setiap manusia punya keunikan diri sendiri.. jangan lah mengeji diri hanya kerana satu kekurangan yang kecil.. fikirkan beribu kelebihan yang anda ada berbading kelemahan yang sekuman cuma...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

nukilan daripada seorang sahabat yg sgt2 sya syg!!!

Hari nie bukak Fb tgk ada message dr sahabat yg paling saya sayang.. sahabat dr sekolah rendah lagi.... walaupun kini dah bawak haluan masing2, tp bila balik penang mesti nk kena jumpa dia dulu... bila ada masa nk calling2 mesti bergayut punya.. gelak2.. nangis2 semua dah rasa.... dia ada masalah, buat saya sgt sedih... rasa diri nie cam x berguna ja bila tak ada dengan dia.. sahabat, maafkan saya ya.... semoga awak baik2 sahaja.. sya selalu doakan awak... 

"Tidak ada kegembiraan yang menyamai perjumpaan dengan sahabat, dan tidak ada kesedihan yang menyamai perpisahan dengan mereka..."

saya sayang awak sangat-sangat.... tapi bila kita jumpa tak banyak benda yang saya ckp dengan awak. padahal banyak benda yang saya nak cerita... 

saya cuma nak awak tahu selama kita hidup untuk hari ini esok dan pada masa-masa yang akan datang.. dan tiada pernah kesempatan untuk kita berjumpa dan tiada cara untuk kita berhubung saya nak awak tahu yang saya tak akan pernah melupakan awak InsyaAllah. selama mana kita hidup nanti dan menjalani hari-hari penting mungkin kita tak berjumpa... pada masa tuh awak ketahuilah jika awak bersedih kerana ketiadaan saya, saya adalah lebih daripada apa yang awak rasa.... 

saya sangat menghargai persahabatan kita... tolong maafkan saya jika saya abaikan panggilan telephone awak, tak melayan mesej-mesej awak... 

insyaAllah kali ini penyerahan diri saya adalah secara menyeluruh.. kekecewaan membuat saya ingin tinggalkan segala-galanya... ini bukan kerana cinta ini bukan kerana keluarga ini bukan kerana orang sekeliling ini adalah kerana diri saya sendiri... 

saya tahu awak tertanya-tanya masalah apa pulak dengan saya kali ini.. perasaan ingin tahu awak itu mungkin akan terpendam dengan permasalahan awak sendiri.. saya berharap begitu buat masa ini.. 

saya lega Allah temukan kita sekurang-kurangnya saya ada tempat meluah perasaan selain Dia... semoga Rahmat dan hidayahNya milik kita selalu...


dr sahabat sekolahmu,

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

personality test

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After taking the personality test conducted at
got two of this result... hehehhe...

Risk Attitudes Profiler


Your need for the excitement of risk is an inexhaustible source of energy during a greater part of your life. This energy sometimes drives you to endeavors which may endanger your fortune and even your life. You are always obsessed by your idea and persist in advocating and spreading it no matter how it is accepted by society around you. Developing and putting into effect this idea produces in you a pleasurable state of mind and gives you a reason for living.
There are a relatively small number of such people in the world, but many of them are universally known because their conviction, faith and determination promulgated ideas that influenced history. Famous personages who are close to this type include the biblical Abraham, the apostle Paul, Mohammed, religious reformers and leaders like Martin Luther, John Calvin, Joan of Arc, explorers who changed the understanding of global geography like Columbus and Magellan, Galileo, Copernicus, philosopher-utopists like Thomas More, inventors like Fulton, social reformers like Emmeline Pankhurst and Mahatma Ghandi, and revolutionists like Robespierre and Lenin. There are also among them founders of various religious sects and of political movements.
This type of person may have ideas that are not necessarily earth-shaking or important to all of mankind, but they occupy him completely. These ideas may be of an invention, a scientific hypothesis or a special philosophically substantiated way of life or nutrition, such as Zen Buddhism or vegetarianism. Among this type are also found passionate collectors of paintings, books, stamps, etc., whose main goal is to obtain a rare painting, book or stamp.
The distinctive characteristic of such persons is their complete preoccupation with their idea; it becomes their purpose in life and they see their lives as the means to implement this idea or as the time period in which they can reach their goals. Their idea extremely important to them and without them they cannot imagine their lives.
Neither past nor present is actual for this type of person; he is pointed only towards the future, the time when his goal will be reached. Obstacles and dangers do not stop him; on the contrary, they stimulate his activity.
He treats people around him according to how these people see his ideas and goals: if these people share his goals he will treat them well; if they are indifferent or hostile to his ideas, he will be indifferent or hostile to them; and if they do not approve of them, or worse, are opposed to them, he will regard them as enemies and will hate them.
This type of person, if obsessed by social, political or religious ideas, sees all of mankind as the object of his concern, and he loves mankind as a whole more than individual people. He is ready to sacrifice individual people for the sake of a "common happiness" but not if those individuals are his faithful fellow-fighters. He is also ready to sacrifice himself for his idea. He does not spare either himself or others.
Such a person is egocentric in the sense that he considers himself the center of all events - but he is not egotistical. He does not have purely personal interests. Food for him is, for the most part, not a source of pleasure but only the means to satisfy his hunger. He is capable of enjoying his food but often has special tastes: food must be cooked in a special way, or served at a specific temperature, etc. He does not care for entertainment, except perhaps talking about subjects of interest to him. However, his interests often range beyond the limits of his main idea or obsession and his knowledge in different spheres is striking. He will have his own point of view on all subjects and it is almost always interesting to listen to what he has to say.
He is often surrounded by followers or disciples who are equally passionate about his ideas, but he has only one or two really close friends. He is indifferent to the opposite sex although he can experience a type of love towards one of his admirers, who becomes his main comrade-in-arms.
He is, to some extent, attached to his family, but he is authoritarian towards them and intolerant of the slightest neglect of their duty which is to serve the cause of the head of the family. He suffers major setbacks and even tragedies stoically, turning aside to immerse himself ever deeper in his cause.

Risk Attitudes Profiler


People of this type are not made for quiet life. Due to their psychological characteristics, the society has always to reckon with their existence either defending itself from them or asking for their help or tolerating them and exploiting secondary results of their activity.
Throughout history, people of this type occasionally staked all their property and even their life on luck. In ancient Rome, free citizens and even patricians, who felt a great need for risk, voluntarily became gladiators, and if they did not have enough opportunities to fight in the arena, they showed their discontent. This type also included medieval knights wandering in the Europe in search of tournaments, swashbucklers, condottieri and pirates. In more modern times this type can be found among revolutionaries, conspirators, terrorists, and drug smugglers.
These are examples of extremely anti-social manifestations of the needs for risk. But thirst for risk can appear in socially acceptable forms. Mountain-climbers, slalomists, race-drivers, sailors who cross the oceans alone, tightrope-walkers, who walk the rope over waterfalls and precipices, as well as small-time gamblers who play in lotteries and slot machines- all these engage in risky activities which do not harm society.
People with a pronounced thirst for danger and risk may be also useful to society which utilizes their characteristics in employing them in suitable occupations such as the police, the army where they serve as commandos or paratroopers, the fire department and even in the cinema as stuntmen.
People of this type are usually physically strong, courageous, and have excellent control of their bodies. When they are young they eagerly take up, football, baseball, basketball and different types of hand-to-hand combat. They easily master mechanical skills and are good at driving cars. They usually drive at high speed and like to overtake other cars, sometimes creating dangerous situations.
They are not especially bothered by moral problems, but those who are socialized keep to formal moral demands of society, especially to those of a group. These people can be subdivided into two groups according to their attitude to the group or to society. One kind gives priority to freedom from all social values and prefers to run risks alone. The other kind likes power and prefers to act in a group. They long for a leading position in the group and although they dislike it, will acknowledge the leadership of any stronger and more authoritative person.
In communicating they are somewhat rough. However, there is an intrinsic sentimentality in them and they can be deeply moved by any soulful story or movie. They like to relax when they are not involved in their dangerous pursuits. Those who are asocial incline to alcohol and drugs. Socialized people of this type relax with peaceful activities such as fishing, gardening, caring for their pets, etc.
As they grow older and have established families, they feel less attracted to risk; memories of their past adventures return to them and they indulge in reminiscences. They begin to feel the future, connecting it with the future of their children. Their love affairs (until they are married) are mostly fleeting and superficial, although sometimes they experience long and stable relationship.
A vivid example of a person with expressed thirst for risk is Alexander of Macedon who led a dangerous life for what he thought was the goal of spreading of Hellenic civilization throughout the known world. In modern times a similar type was Che Guevara who was fought for his idea of social justice. In literature there was Don Quixote. The international spy, Mata Hari, notorious during the First World War, can be considered to be a woman of this type.

If you fit the above description, you must learn to recognize the real reason for your inclination for risky situations. Your goal should be to frame your behaviour in a socially useful way in order to succeed in life. The positive features of your personality are courage, bravery, resolution, a quick understanding of a situation. The negative features are impulsiveness, a disregard for danger and consequences of your deeds, and indifference and often lack of pity toward those who get in your way.
Happiness for you is a life filled with emotion, anticipation of a speedy and complete success and the flush of victory that it brings, and the joy of overcoming obstacles.
During the active stage of their live people in this category, pay little attention to their families. Later, when they are older and have established families, they become more involved with them, especially with their children. They wish to cultivate courage and decisiveness in them, yet want to keep them from the errors which they themselves made. Therefore they try to help their children to fit in well with their peers, to give them a good education and encourage them to learn a practical trade or profession.
People of this type easily acquire knowledge and master skills in activities that they prefer but they should be aware that in subjects not related to their main interest, they are not so quick in picking up new knowledge. They should perfect themselves in their professions, but should also try to expand their range of skills.
After risky and emotionally saturated actions, this type of person often experiences emotional depletion and the need to recharge his emotional energy. He can this best by involving himself in restful activities such as domestic duties, spending time with his family, relax entertainment which has no element of excitement in it (no games of chance) or simply doing nothing - complete idleness and emotional relaxation. These will all help to relieve feelings of stress and frustrations.

A person of this type makes decisions too quickly and impulsively. His attention is sharply focussed on one specific goal. He should try instead to see the whole situation. He must also consider the consequences of his actions and compare the degree of risk to the value and necessity of the goal.
For him, correct communication with others is to persuade people of an idea, first having proven to them that it can be realized. There is also the moral aspect of persuasion: he must not expose those who believe in his idea to risks which the initiators of it are ready to accept for themselves. This means that he must not hide from his listeners the degree of risk and the possibility of failure.
This type must be careful not to become euphoric, dreaming up impossible plans which are not connected to reality. Under unfavorable conditions, when this type meets with insurmountable obstacles he should not tackle them head-on, counting only on occasional luck.
When starting a new job he should consider if it might be boring, or if it might not hold some desirable elements of risk or the probability of something unexpected. In business this type of person can work as a trouble shooter, sent by the manager of the enterprise to problematic places needing immediate solutions. His other possible role is to present initiatives. In this case he will work more efficiently in a team with a rational and pragmatic person, who has authority over him and whose advice he is ready to consider.

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Monday, 7 March 2011


Lemahkah seorang wanita?
Sehingga selalu dicaci dan dihina,
Lemahnya seorang wanita,
Bila hati dilukai,
Lemahnya seorang wania,
Bila dirinya diperhamba
Lemahnya seroang wanita,
Bila diherdik kaum lelaki
Lemahnya seorang wanita,
Bila putus asa menyelubungi diri
Lemahnya seorang wanita,
Bila anak menjadi derhaka
Lemahnya seorang wanita,
Bila perhubungan hanya mainan
Lihatlah, lemahnya seorang wanita..
Dimana kekuatan seorang wanita?
Pada air matanya..
Air mata seorang wanita,
Penawar kepada hati yang terluka
Air mata seorang wanita,
Menjadi pedang melawan kezaliman
Air mata seorang wanita,
Merupakan ungkapan yang berbisa
Air mata seorang wanita,
Menjadi sumbu keazaman dan semangat waja
Air mata seorang wanita,
Menjadi doa yang bermakna
Air mata seorang wanita,
Menjadi kekuatan ikatan sebuah perhubungan
Lihatlah kekuatan wanita..
Hanya air mata..
Wahai wanita!
Sedarkah kau berharganya air matamu?
Simpanlah air matamu..
Untuk apa?
Sebagai senjata yang akan menggoncang dunia!
Sebagai pedang yang menghunus setiap musuh!
Sebagai penyelamat diri ketika disergah petaka!
Sedarlah wahai wanita!
Kau telah dikurnia senjata yang merbahaya,
Yang bisa menjadi racun yang berbisa,
Yang bisa menjadi penawar yang berharga,
Kau penentunya!
Kau penentunya!
Kau penentunya!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hari : Selasa
Tarikh : 21 December 2010
Masa : 2.04 petang

Semua manusia akan tertarik kepada benda atau perkara-perkara yang cantik.. apa tu cantik sebenarnya? Cantik pada wanita bagaimana?  C.A.N.T.I.K… Cantik tu subjektif kan? Ada orang rasa cantik tu bila  individu tuh ramping, kurus, kulitnya putih, x berjerawat, bla, bla, bla… Tapi bagi sesetengah orang, cantik tuh bila seorang individu tuh bersopan, bertutur guna perkataan baik-baik, hormat orang tua bla, bla bla… Hmm, senang cakap, cantik nie bergantung kepada perspektif individu la kan… Tengok la macam mna individu menilai kecantikan… Semua pun bole jadi cantik… Rambutnya, matanya, mulutnya, suaranya, badannya, kakinya, tangannya, kelembutannya,kesopanannya, keayuannya, agamanya,  semua la…
So, macam mana nak menilai kecantikan nie? Guna kilogram ke?  Kilometer ke? Susah betul nak menilai kecantikan… Sebab tak ada satu skala khas yang ditetapkan dalam menilai kecantikan manusia… Hmm, jadi, manusia sekarang  terpengaruh dengan agenda-agenda kecantikan yang dibawa oleh semua jenama-jenama produk kecantikan, produk-produk kelansingan , beraneka pakaian, yang semacam nenentukan bahawa cantik itu bergantung kepada wajah yang mulus, cerah, badan yang langsing, pakaian yang bergaya dan seksi… Betul ke penilaian macam nie? Layakkah “kecantikan” wanita diukur hanya berdasarkan beberapa faktor ini sahaja?
Kalau kita tengok sekarang pun, wanita- wanita zaman sekarang dah mula terjebak dan terpengaruh dengan agenda kecantikan yang dibawa oleh “mereka-mereka” yang hanya inginkan keuntungan.. So, cantik pun dah mula dijadikan sebagai satu alat untuk mendapatkan keuntungan… Mula la semua wanita-wanita berlumba-lumba nak dapatkan kulit yang cerah dan berseri-seri, badan yang langsing macam kerengga, baju yang seksi… Sampaikan sanggup menghabiskan ratusan malahan ribuan ringgit dan juga sanggup menghadapi berbagai jenis pembedahan yang sangat-sangat menyakitkan hanya untuk perkara-perkara yang membolehkan mereka tampak cantik dimata orang lain….
Persoalannya, kat sini, berbaloikah semua ini hanya untuk mendapatkan skala “kecantikan” yang disetkan oleh manusia semata-mata?  Faktor luaran semata-mata? Adilkah penilaian macam nie bagi mereka yang tak punya kualiti kecantikan yang disetkan tu? Pernah tak persoalan-persoalan nie timbul dalam pemikiran kita? Mari kita letak sekejap perspektif kecantikan yang kita ada sekarang nie dan tengok ke Negara-negara lain macam Afrika.. Di sana, seorang wanita yang akan berkhawin, akan diletakkan dalam satu bilik dimana wanita tersebut akan diberi makanan yang sangat banyak dan harus tidur di atas lantai TANPA tilam yang empuk… Kenapa? Kerana bagi mereka, lagi gemuk wanita tersebut maka, lagi cantiklah wanita tersebut… Dan baru-baru nie, dikatakan, wanita-wanita di benua Afrika juga sering menggayakan aksesori tradisional mereka iaitu pelbagai aksesori daripada manik untuk menarik perhatian lelaki.. Hmmmm…..
Itu cuma salah satu contoh yang menunjukan masih ada manusia yang menilai kecantikan bukan dari aspek yang telah dibincangkan kat atas tadi… Tapi, manusia-manusia yang sebegini akan dilabel tak bertamadun dan tak mengikut peredaran masa la kononnya… Adilkah begitu?  Dari satu aspek yang lain, macam mana pula dengan mereka-mereka yang dilabel sebagai “TIDAK CANTIK” atau bahasa kasarnya “HODOH” oleh sesetengah manusia? Haruskah mereka juga turut tunduk kepada skala kecantikan yang ditetapkan nie? Mula lah mereka menjauhkan diri dari orang… Merasakan “kekurangan” mereka sebagai beban dan mula menyalahkan orang-orang sebagai alasan keatas “kekurangan” mereka, serta mula berasa rendah diri dengan keadaan mereka… Sehinggakan semua kelebihan yang Allah kurniakan kepada mereka dilenyapkan, dikurung hanya kerana satu faktor iaitu “kecantikan”….
Ya, golongan yang kalah kepada kecantikan ini akan berkata “senanglah cakap, kalau tak kena, mana nak tau apa yang kami rasa”. Hakikatnya, tidak ada apa yang perlu dimalukan, tidak ada apa yang perlu direndahkan… Satu kekurangan bukanlah bermakna tidak punya sebarang kelebihan… Allah itu maha adil… Satu kekurangan ditutupi dengan seribu satu kelebihan yang kita tidak sedari.. Bagaimana mungkin kita mengetahui semua kelebihan yang kita ada sedangkan kita hanya berselindung disebalik satu kekurangan kecil yang kita ada… Jadi, tidak perlu gentar dengan persepsi kecantikan manusia diluar sana… Mereka juga manusia biasa… 
Bagaimana pula dengan kecantikan dalaman? Kecantikan dalaman? Apa itu? Hmm… Ini lah salah satu bentuk kecantikan yang sekarang hampir dilupakan dalam menilai kecantikan itu sendiri… Ya, segala macam kecantikan yang tidak boleh dinilai oleh mata kasar manusia.. Sebaliknya harus dinilai melalui hati nurani dan akal yang sihat… Sifat-sifat dan nilai-nilai murni kehidupan yang dulunya menjadi pegangan utama nenek moyang serta ibu bapa kita dalam menetukan kecantikan… Seharusnya, kecantikan jenis ini yang harus diutamakan dalam menilai kecantikan.. Manusia kini lalai dalam menilai kecantikan… Hanya sekadar memerhati apa yang ingin dilihatnya sahaja…
Siapa yang harus disalahkan dalam hal CANTIK ini? Media? Pengusaha produk dan perkhidmatan? Ibu bapa? Peredaran masa? Diri sendiri? Tidak perlu kita mencari salah siapa… Sebaliknya, mencari jalan peyelesaian supaya pengertian ‘kecantikan wanita’ tidak lagi terikat kepada satu aspek sahaja tetapi mengubah perspektif kecantikan itu kepada sesuatu yang lebih, bukan sekadar kecantikan luaran semata-mata…
Jadi, bagaimana kita mengubah makna kecantikan yang kini telah disalah ertikan?  Hmm… semuanya berumula dengan diri kita… Sayangi diri sendiri seadanya… Tidak perlu membanding beza dengan individu yang lain… Kerana kita adalah individu yang berbeza.. Pedulikan apa kata orang… Kecantikan bukanlah satu-satunya perkara yang perlu kita kejar di dunia ini… Masih banyak perkara lain yang perlu dilakukan sebagai memenuhi tuntutan hidup kita… Hargai diri yang telah dipinjamkan kepada kita… tidak semestinya harus menjadi CANTIK, asalkan sihat, cergas, dan kemas… Harus diingat, bukan semua wanita cantik adalah sihat… Cantik itu tidak semestinya cantik luaran sahaja.. Harus dalaman nya juga…  Semuanya bermula dengan DIRI KITA….
Masih banyak isu yang boleh dikait dengan dengan KECANTIKAN.. Tapi, dengan masa yang sedikit nie, setakat ini sahaja coretan saya.. Yang selebihnya, saya pasti anda dapat menilai dengan sendiri…

*** saya ingin memohon maaf sekiranya ada pihak-pihak yang tersinggung dengan coretan ini.. Coretan ini sekadar pandangan peribadi dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan sesiapa sama ada hidup mahupun mati.. sekiranya ada, ianya sekadar kebetulan… sekian wassalam….
-sara whitesnake-

hepi hamster